high-grade metamorphism

high-grade metamorphism
GEOL metamorfismo de alto grado m

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  • Ultra-high-temperature metamorphism — (UHT) represents extreme crustal metamorphism with metamorphic temperatures exceeding 900 °C (Harley, 1998 Geol. Soc. Lond; Brown, 2007 Int. Geol. Rev.; Kelsey, 2008 Gondwana Res.; Santosh and Omori, 2008a Gondwana Res.). Granulite facies rocks… …   Wikipedia

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  • Limpopo Belt — The Limpopo Belt is located in South Africa and Zimbabwe, runs E NE, and joins the Kaapvaal craton to the south with the Zimbabwe craton to the north. The belt is of high grade metamorphic rocks that have undergone a long cycle of metamorphism… …   Wikipedia

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  • Isua greenstone belt — The Isua greenstone belt is an Archean greenstone belt in southwestern Greenland dated at 3.8 3.7 Ga and contains the oldest known, well preserved, metavolcanic (metamorphosed mafic volcanic), metasedimentary and sedimentary rocks on Earth. It… …   Wikipedia

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